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well the sensible answer would be "yes", but I'm not so sure...
It's true that certain games work on it now that didn't before.
Simpsons wrestling for example.. (which is a crap game btw)

But it seems..I'm not sure if anybody else has the same problem.. that using the phantom cd-from daemon tools to simulate a CD-rom doesn't work anymore... and I have trouble getting any ISOs to work..
and games such as Tekken 3 run even worse than before..
I seem to get "Error reading CD" far more often than before

I have a 1.1Gig AMD. 256K geforce 2...
I don't think my computer is the problem.

I've been testing all my games all day, (I have a lot) and on a whole I feel that the new version is worse than the old one.

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THe list of improvements for me so far.......:

FF7 doesn't crash anymore
Tekken 3 runs better
Dino Crisis runs perfect(voices and everything)
gT2 runs flawlessly
FF8 runs flawlessly
FF9 runs almost pefect(sound looping still there but less noticible with internal pluggin)
REsident evil 2 run perfect now(no more sound problems)
MEtel Gear solid run better(less sound bugs)
running iso games without a problem......
Every other game I have runs better overall.....

So my answer would be, yes, it's better than 1.2......

It is better definately. Every release has been an improvement over the last one. If you seem to have a problem that you didn't before, then you may need to do something a little differently than you did. This is often the case w/new versions of things, you have to change some things to get them to work well. I am very impressed, Doom now works, Castlevania has perfect speech, Gauntlet Legends has all it's music and sounds and the list goes on.
Just keep working w/your problems and ask for help when necessary, I'm sure you'll start to see improvements.

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I haven't had a single error w/ this version yet (knox on wood ;) )
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