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Is site slowing down ???

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I need time 2-3 min to load one thread.That so much slow.What happen ??? I try on another site seem fast like normal.
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yeah, ive also been having connection problems recently to this site. especially bad earlier today.
i guess the server is up to to its old tricks again, bandwidth problem maybe?
And I thought it was my connection that was slow(these days I mostly surf ngemu only).So what may be the reason for slow down?May be some hidden work going on in background?
Problems with the server. Bobbi said the new one should be ready pretty soon...
I had problems too last night, that's why I left abruptly. :p But right now I don't seem to observe any slowdowns...i guess having a broadband connection helps.
Damn.. No wonder.. I almost called my isp to complain.. hehe.. But I kinda thought it was something with the ngemu server.. So I didn't.. I guess with the amount of people coming to ngemu, slowdowns are gonna happen until the new server is up.. :)
Huh? I dont see any slow thingys...It takes 2~5 seconds to load the screen. :) I dont think thats that really slow. Hhhmm...
i have seen no slowdown, but that is because i am running off a 2mb/s line (obviously, i am in school :p) HAHAHAHAH damn, therei s the bell :(
dixon: most of the slowdowns have been during very strange times (like 4 A.M. here for two of them).
it might have been 4AM when i was in school (GMT) though :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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