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is ultrahle dead or alive

  • the new emulator shown at emulation64 is ultrahle

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • the new emulator shown at emulation64 is not ultrahle

    Votes: 7 77.8%

is reality man back (creator of the n64 emaultor called ultrahle )

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i just some absolutely fabulous screen shots of some n64 games at namely zelda and zelda2 mask of majora ... the name of the coder is not revealed and neither the nanme of the it possoble that it could be the new version of ultrahle after all this time well um just holding a poll to see what u ppl think
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I agree with you ice2hot, look in the top left corner on screenshot #1 (on the webpage) you can see a small icon that indicates the exit for a dungeon. Ultrahle displays this same icon in the same place (for areas that dont have exits), and when in a dungeon, this icon gets moved onto the main map in bottom right hand corner. The screenshots look a bit 'OpenGl' to me which RealityMan was working on before the supposed quiting (I dont think he has quit, I think he was fed up with the demand for a release. Well his web page is still up, perhaps generating revenue from the ads.) I think we may have a release soon and it'll blow all other N64 emus out of the water (my own opinion). I think RealityMan has done an excellent job on UltraHle, that emu is the only reason why I got into emulation (and spending £100's on Voodoo cards and CPUs to get Zelda running nicely, something that no other N64 emu comes close to, i'm not knocking Nemu64, it's just that it doesn't seem to work well with my hardware). What do others think?
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I guess that we'll just to wait and see what this N64 emulator really is. Looks pretty good from the screenshot.
And also this one (I wonder what this means!)
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