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I'm trying to play FFIX with Palettized caching instead of Dynamic caching in pete's opengl plugin. Someone on this board mentioned that Geforce2 would be better of with palettized option because it will be faster. Is it true? I have a Geforce2MMX with nivida drivers 12.90 installed. To me it seems that Palettized caching seems to be slower than dynamic caching as frame drops are higher than dynamic caching. Did I set something wrong? what about display settings for the nivida drivers? Are certain options suppose to be enabled in display drivers and pete's plugin?
To be more specific, Palettized also gives me glitches where in the world map you see noticible lines and cracks in the sky that aren't suppose to be there. How do you get FFIX to run in palettized caching?

Here are my config: (pete's 1.51 opengl)
Res: 640*480
Tex quality: 5-5-5-1
caching type: dynamic
default psx fps limit (60fps)
Standard off screen drawing
framebuffer textures: GFX card buffer
mask bit: on
advanced blending: on
alpha multipass: on
color dithering: on

my config for nivida 12.90 opengl settings
FSAA: disabled (disliked its blurring style)
Enable buffer reigon extension: enabled
allow dual planes extension to use local memory: enabled
use fast linear-mipmap-linear filtering: enabled
enable anisotropic filtering: disabled
buffer flipping mode: auto-select
vertical sync: always off
used up to 10MB of system memory for textures in PCI mode.
Clock frequencies:
default: 175mhz core clock freq
default: 143mhz mem clock freq

my system is
800mhz Athlon AMD k7v
Sound blaster live value
17" monitor
Forsa Geforce2MX 32MB

Your reply would be appreciated. If Geforce2MX DOES support palettized caching I'd like to use my Geforce2MX to its fullest power without overclocking.

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I does, depending upon whether your drivers have palettized textures enabled or not. It is disabled by default, I believe, and you'll have to download a tweaking utility to enable them, or modify the proper registry entry which no I do not have memorized. I recommend rivatuner for enabling palettized textures. This should fix your display problems though I don't know if it will help anything run faster at all.

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Pal textures can be used with GeForce cards (not TNT1/2 ones) and Voodoo cards.

Due to driver bugs in both the nVidia and 3DFX drivers I never optimized that mode
very much, so you will get sometimes lines and artifacts in that mode.
Still, some games which are doing lotsa palette tricks can have an improved speed
(Breath of Fire 4 battles are coming to my mind).

Well, in the past year I wanted to remove all caching modes beside the "dynamic" one,
but each time some mails appeared from users which were using a non-dynamic mode.

So I decided to label the dynamic mode as "recommended", and leave the other modes
in the current state, just in case somebody want to use one of them for whatever
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