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Short answer, it's not. But it requires user knowledge to adjust some games.

Why do people think that N64 emulation has not progressed?
Most people use outdated versions of the emulators, WITHOUT frame buffer emulation.

Is the N64 emulation perfect?
Of course not, it is riddled with small imperfections, some almost imperceptible and others very difficult to ignore like mountains.

What is the true holy grail of N64 emulation?
Exactly the same problems as many of the other emulators, poor operation timing accuracy.
In a nutshell, this is DK64 in real hardware and this is in emulation. Some games goes too fast while others goes too slow. In some games this leaves AI completely broken.

There are only two graphic plugins worth mentioning, Angrylion RDP Plus for LLE and GLideN64 for HLE. The latter should not be confused with Glide64, nor glN64. Both require OpenGL 3.3 as a minimum, OpenGL 4.3 or higher is recommended.

WIPs for angrylion-plus...
WIPs for GLideN64

Compatible emulators:
Project64 WIPs
Mupen64Plus WIPs
m64p (2019-01-26)

Using Mupen64Plus (CLI)

Mupen64Plus + angrylion-plus notes:
A 3.20 GHz processor and at least 8 threads is the recommended minimum.
The only supported RSP plugins are mupen64plus-rsp-parallel (recommended),
mupen64plus-rsp-cxd4* (slow) and mupen64plus-rsp-z64 (very slow).


For HLE:

RetroArch + Mupen64Plus-Next

For LLE:
RetroArch + Parallel N64
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