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Is my PSU ok?

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Currently my system has, 2 HDD, 1 CD Burner, 1 GFX card.
And i might be getting a DVD Burner next week.
Wanna know if my PSU can handle it, its a 400w.
Heres a shot from everest. I think 5v is a little low, or not?
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Hmm.. mine looks similar. My 12volt is rated at 12a, and it's an Enermax EG351P-V 330Watt. I should probably have something more powerful, but I got it for $10 and haven't had a problem yet.

Is it enough? Ill try to take a shot from the table attached to the PSU.

Esturk, my HDD´s seems to run much hotter than yours... :cuss2:
I have a Mad Dog SurePower 350W with 20A on the +12V rail, 33A on the +5V, and 22 on the +3.3V. With 2 optical drives (DVD+-RW, 16X DVD-ROM), 2 Hard Drives, my 9800 Pro.. and the rest of everything (CPU at 1.7V.. DDR at 2.8V), everything is completely stable. I get readings like this:
Then i think my +5v is okay, what i still need to know if 15a on +12v will be enough.
I got another one here which is +3.3v=25a, +5v=36a, +12v=15a, but this one had problems and i got it fixed, a little afraid of using it...

Oh, and it would be nice to know what devices uses +12v, +5v and +3.3v, so i could calculate here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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