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Hi ,I'm new there.
Yesterday , I found that Pcsx2 0.9.6 was just released and I wanted to try it.
I picked up my KH1 cd and started playing it.
I put on all the speed hacks and the kh patch.
It goes around 30-40 fps in the fastest parts and about 20 fps in the slowest parts.
I want to buy a new graphic card , but I don't know if it's worth without a good cpu.
My computer's specs:
CPU : Pentium 4 3 ghz
GPU : Ati Radeon 9800
Ram : 1 Gb

Video : Zerogs 0.97.1
Audio : Peops spu
CD : Peops

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Your CPU is your biggest bottleneck. A dual core will help you immensely. Get one with a speed of 3GHz or faster.

Your video card is quite old. It's also AGP. Newer cards are PCI-e.

You need a whole new system. :/
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