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Is it me, or.. (pad plugins question)

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No pad plugin offers any useful feature like analog modefiers (50%, etc.) or (Expecially) auto-press.
Is it hard to implement on the PSX? Because I really don't see why all the plugins are so basic...

edit:On this note, is there a nice, non-buggy program that acts like a turbo(auto?)-controller to the keyboard, aka assigning a key, lets say z to auto-press another key, lets say, x.
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i guess no one really had the desire to implement that, i've never/will never use such features :rolleyes:

and i think you incorrectly described the second part, why would you use Z to auto press X, why not press X in the first place :p
>_> I meant hold z to autopress x and you know it...
have you tried using controllers that do that? like auto fire PSX controllers hooked to an adapter...
I want to play with the keyboard... And I don't have any of those anyway.
ah. bummer on both of those :/
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