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Is it me... or did Prince of Persia 2 just suck?

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Heya everyone.

Been a while since I said anything but this particular topic has really annoyed me. I hired this game expecting the brilliance of the first... but no. For starters the game is fecking hard. Yeh yeh, I suppose its my problem for not pwning the game? Well I would enjoy repeating the first boss battle 20 times if the gameplay wasn't damn repetitive.

"Triangle Circle Triangle Circle Triangly Circle... oh I can press Up once... Triangle Circle Triangle Circle"

Get my point? Moving on.

The new rock music isn't exactly pleasing either. Its a whole lot of guitar ramble that would maybe suit the game if I was carrying around a few guns. I've also noticed a bit of an issues with invisible walls and not being able to go places I would expect to. This game is even more linear than popsot (Prince OF Persia Sands of Time, for those wondering). I could go on but its painful thinking about it.

This is only my opinion, but I'd recommend everyone avoids the game at all costs.

P.S: Repeating the boss battle 20 times was an exaggeration, so don't try using that as grounds for a comeback.
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I got completely shocked with WW, it is still sitiing on my desktop begging to be finished something that didn't happen with SoT.
Compared to SoT it's a big way down, ok it has better combat and graphics but that's it the rest is just a big let down. SoT had all those somethings that WW lost.
Player-X said:
you mean the "Arabian Nights" charm?
Exactly my point. :thumb:
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