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Is it allowed to "bump" a topic if...

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I added important information to my last post, and I need an urgent answer for it?
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Maybe I didn't explained myself correctly... I'll try again:

Some unimportante post here
Then, the topic "went down". So, today I needed something related to a program I am making, and I edited it, making this:

Some unimportante post here
Important questions here
So, could I bump this? Because people could think it is only the last post, without the new info... and I really need this new info to proceed with the work...
:-\ still not what I was expecting... well, I'll show you... Here: . Can I bump it?
Oh... let me get this straight...
I can double post if I provide important new information in the new post.
Is this CORRECT or NOT?
It did. Thanks.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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