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Is Bleem! alot better then ePSXe?

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Is Bleem! alot better then ePSXe?
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a matter of opinions...

ePSXe still has a lot of glitches for a lot of games.

bleem! doesn't play as many games (I think) But for those games it plays, it plays better than many other emus, on average.

As an example, let's look at Gran Turismo, which works on both bleem! and ePSXe.

bleem! runs it with two minor bugs: no brake lights with 3D acceleration, and some lines around sprites (like trees). Also bleem! has some bugs for it's NeGcon support, but you can work around it.

ePSXe has no NeGcon support at all. It runs GT with sound quality problems, music tracks problem (improved from 1.2.0 to 1.4.0, but still quite irritating), MDEC problem, and inconsistent speed in menus (in game is ok tho).
On the other hand, ePSXe has a lot of features not found in bleem!. Netplay! (requires high speed connection). Graphics and sound plugins; so you can choose among Glide, OpenGL etc for graphics (bleem! only has software and Direct3D), and different sound options too.

All in all, I think ePSXe's problems outweigh it's advantages, compared to bleem!, for playing GT.

Of course, ePSXe is still being updated, whereas bleem! is practically dead (not officially tho). So things might change in the future.

Another game I currently play with bleem! is Jedi Power Battles. It works a lot better with bleem! than with ePSXe.
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depends a lot on the games you play too, I guess...
but true, GT works like a charm on bleem.
For nearly every other game I have I prefer ePSXe though.
So you are saying that Bleem! Sucks?
I hate Bleem!:mg:
In some way ,,,, YES!!!! It wasa good program for a long time , but not nay more (personal opinion)
ePSXe is the best! Yeah!!!
'bleem! better than ePSXe'?


When I first used bleem!, I thought it was the best. Then came VGS. Cool, but still no enhanced gfx. Then came ePSXe. Cool, but my computer's too slow for ePSXe (Celeron 300MHz, 64MB, 4MB Riva128), don't know why.

Bottom line is, if you have a P2/Celery/P3/P4 500MHz up plus 128-256MB RAM and a good 3D card (Voodoo2 up), ePSXe for you. If setup like mine, VGS for j00!!!
Personaly for your computer use ePSXe !!!
Is Bleem! alot better then ePSXe?

my answer:


it has soo many glitches so graphics and sound, it´s soo slow, less compatibility, definitlly it´s just not compared to epsxe, bleem just sucks at least VGS is better compatible better speed, I prefer that (whitout 3d) than the blemm thing
The only game I play with Bleem is tekken!!! Every thing else ePSXe is the option!!

ePSXe forever man!!!
Yeah you are right man, you are whit the word :emb:
yeah you are right , but there are still people how like bleem more then epsxe !
Could someone please be kind enough to post 2 pictures of the same game taken on different emulators so I can compare. Preferably pictures of GT1 or GT2.
I own EPSXE but not Bleem, but I own Bleemcast for GT2
Of course, I'm sure that some screenshots comparason has been made somewhere so an URL should make me happy
I would like to see the same shot of bleem and epsxe compared on both D3d and openGL on epsxe. Just to see which has the best graphics
Wouldn't that be more like comparing someone's gpu to bleem!? It's Pete and Lewpy, etc, that handle the graphics.
sometimes graphical glitches are not the gpu plugin's fault. Afterall the emulator passes the data to the gpu, and if the emu screws up that part, the gpu cant do anything to correct it.

Biased turkey,
I dont know about Pete's, but Lewpy's Glide does look a little better than bleem's D3D. bleem is still a little faster, at same resolution and same filtering settings, despite the fact that glide is faster than d3d in general for voodoo cards like mine.

so if you take screen shots, epsxe is bound to look better. however it wasn't good enough to offset the problems i found with running gt1 on epsxe (see my earlier post).
also remember screenshots dont tell fps in bleem, and enabling fps display for gpu plugins slows them down (at least for lewpy's).
Yes, but my point was that the plugin dictates most of what is displayed. Hence "more like" and not "is".
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