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Is anyone going to create a psx emulator for psx2?

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This may sound like a dumb idea but it's really not. PSX2 plays PSX games but it does not make the PSX graphics any better except they are not as shaky. If someone would make a PSX emulator for PSX2, they could improve the graphics a lot. The PSX2 mem cards hold 8 megs of space so when the modem comes out next year, people could download the emulator. Please respond if you think my idea is a good idea.
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It s already hard to do a psx emulator for the pc...
But considering there s the hardware of the psx inside the ps2...
perhaps it would be an idea.

(BTW, psx is the playstation.and the ps2 is the psy :D )
I disagree with your idea, but I'm responding anyway. I don't think this is very likely to happen, considering the PS2 emulation of PSX games is already decent enough for most people, and it's a difficult system to program for, anyway. Of course, now that I said that, some emulator for PSX games on PS2 will probably show up within a year...
The idea is good, but it is very hard to program the PS2, so I don't think that such a thing will exist before 2003 or so
the new release of ps2 has a 40gb of hd modem/eth... and Linux!!(as I read from slashdot)

also sony has some possible option on using the BeIA/BeOS on ps2 and not only with the eVilla...

so porting wouldn't is so painfull (ok, there are endianess issues, asm hask to be redone etc etc etc)

we'll see
I forgot about FPSE. Since Sony is doing Linux for the PS2 and there is already a Linux version of FPSE, I guess the only thing to do is change around some instructions to account for the PS2. Also, if Sony really is funding a new version of BeOS, it would be very likely they'd port it as well to the PS2. So actually the dumb idea really isn't so dumb. I take it back. :)
thanks Ryos

For a minute there Ryos, I didn't think you liked me very much, because you disagreed with me on something else in another post.
psychicmage: nah, just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean I automatically don't like him or her. Now if you see me disagreeing with each and every post you ever write, that's another story altogether. ;)
Yeah, Ryos even disagrees with himself quite often. :p Don't fret about it. :)
Note, at this point, Linux for the PS2 is only for the earlier japanese models, (SCPH-10000 and SCPH-18000)...possibly current ones, I don't know...
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