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Is anybody know about the VGS news?

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anybody here, have you heard the newest VGS news? well, it's just remind me as 30 June has passed and it means, now connectix is able to build a new VGS right?
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whoooppss...sorry to make things messed up here...i was in the middle of confusion and errors on all over my brains I thought today is July 12th 2001!!! ouch...
to administrator: please delete this post as this gonna made me hated because of such post...

to all people who read, please forgive me...i made a very vewwy big huge mistake...sorry...
owho...thanks for the understanding, guys ;) that makes me feel very relief... I just luv this board...long live Emuforums... hehe :D thanks again

"Just have to get my brain back.."
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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