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Is a video card or 3D acc. really necessary to enhance ePSXe's graphics?

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Simple question actually...

Is it really necessary to have a good video card or 3d accelerator in order to enhance ePSXe's graphics?

I've heard it over and over again that ePSXe can make games look better, but I've never really been able to enhance it no matter what I tweak.

I don't have a 3d acc. nor a good video card such as GeForce, Voodoo and the like. It's just a simple default card that came with the unit...

As such, I also cannot have more than 24bit color, maybe that has something to do with it... :(
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Actually it depends upon your taste well if your contented in software rendering fine but if you want to see crisp 3d images then buy a 3d acc. BTW is your videocard a s3 Trio 3D/2X 8MB
yup 3d card is required to enhance the games.... if u dunt got one ur gunna get crappy software rendering ewww... not very smooth >:p
And better use cvgs coz its speedy and dont need 3d acc.
Definately a good graphic card if you wanna use open-gl
and play at a high resolution with decent speed. Some cards like ge-force run faster on open-gl than direct 3d. But mind you that you don't need to have a ge-force 3 to do that. A decent ge-force mx200 would be more than sufficient if you're low on budget.
This is a long shot, but have you tried pete's or segu's D3D plugins? I've found that D3D works well for some of the lesser powerfull graphic hardware, such as some older ATI rage and S3 Savage cards. But if your card is more generic than that, such as trident 3D, or i740 then you'll have no choice but to either use software rendering or upgrade to a faster video card.

also to answer your question, yes hardware accelleration does make a difference. It's definately faster, and looks better too.
Yeah, Pete's D3D works pretty well on generic built-in GFX cards. Yes, 3D accelerators make a HUGE difference in every game that uses polygons - you really really really want to get one, trust me. Also, they're getting really cheap - I just bought a GeForce 2 MX/400 for $100 on eBay... So there's really no excuse not to buy one :p
Is it really necessary to have a good video card or 3d accelerator in order to enhance ePSXe's graphics?
The simple answer is yes. A good video card is needed to enchance ePSe graphics.

A 3D graphic card like Nvidia Geforce is designed to perform special effects like lighting and smoothing of graphics.
Hey, thanks for the responses!

My card is an Intel 810e Chipset Graphics Adapter. It's not very popular, but it was the only good set that I could affod at that time... sigh...

I do use CVGS, but I kinda like the power of ePSXe, especially the savestates!!

From where I'm from, 3d cards are pretty expensive still... guess I stuck with it. Pete's plugins are darn good but the best I can do is only software rendering...

Anyway, thanks a lot everybody!
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