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I got a geforce 2 a a little while ago, and since then every now and then my comp freezes up or directx won't work properly. I've been on the boards a couple times and I'd like to thank those who tried to help me out. I finally figured out what the problem is though. The new card is sharing the IRQ with old graphics card. I couldn't remove it cause its integrated. How do I go about changing the old cards IRQ. Nothing else is sharing it other that the PCI steerer thing, but that is supposed to be there. So please tell me the best way to fix this. Thanks.
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i got intergrated video too, and i had the same problem putting in a tnt2 pro pci card and the only way for me to diable the intergrated video was to first assign the primary video card to pci bus in the bios, then i diasbled the intergrated chipset from the device manager in windows. There was no way i could disable it fully, as i still get the options for the ingratated in the display settings and so on. This slows things down a lot. By the way. where did you get a geforce 2mx pci from? i cant get them where i come from[england].
how did you do that?

shaft, how comes you got a pentium 3 on you intergrated video?
I thought you could only use celeron like the one ive got.
whats the maximum cpu speed you can upgrade to with intergrated video?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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