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I got a geforce 2 a a little while ago, and since then every now and then my comp freezes up or directx won't work properly. I've been on the boards a couple times and I'd like to thank those who tried to help me out. I finally figured out what the problem is though. The new card is sharing the IRQ with old graphics card. I couldn't remove it cause its integrated. How do I go about changing the old cards IRQ. Nothing else is sharing it other that the PCI steerer thing, but that is supposed to be there. So please tell me the best way to fix this. Thanks.
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Unless you plan to use dual monitors it would be smarter to switch off the integrated one. This is because usually onboard graphics cards use the system ram permently lowering the amount of memory availible to the os. Depending on the mobo this is either achived via the bios (as was the case in my cousins comp) or via jumpers on the mobo (as it was on my case. I really hate the mobo in my old spare).

If you can't do this for whatever reason you can set the irq manually via device manager. click on the set configuration manually option then change it to some other irq.

If that doesn't work then enter your bios settings and set the offending irq to legacy/isa. That should force them to use a different irq.
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thanks for the help, but how should i go about disconnecting the card through the bios? I tried changing the IRQ's manually already, and that didn't work too well, the computer wouldn't finish loading.....
Er was that via device manager or the bios or both?
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