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So I am kind of a newbie when it comes to sound plugins, but when I entered Iroi's config menu, I became clueless on what each thing does. I went to the read me, and didn't really understand it, so anyways, what settings would you recommend to stop sounds that are choppy or seem to stutter?:confused:

32 meg TNT 2
192 meg ram
SB 128

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I'm an oldie at this, and I can understand where you'er comming from; the best thing to do is experiment with settings.

here is a good place to start

Sound buffer size 4 to 8 (???)
XA Buffer size: 10
High resolution mode: ON
Wait for XA buffer: ON
Enable Noise and Pitch Modualtion: ON
Enable Reverb:ON or OFF (your choice)
Enable SPU IRQ: ON (Off for FF9)

the only setting that seems to make any difference is Enable SPU IRQ, enableing it on FF9 caused massive breakup/choppy movies.
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