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IRC Life #001 - By CKemu

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#IRC Life
001 - The Custom Slap!

In between work, study, Real life (TM). I was toying with an idea for a comic erm, blame too much coffee for this one :eyemove: oO :evil:

Total time / effort put into this: ~4 hours including rendering.
Tools Used: 3D Studio Max R6 | Photoshop 7 | Caffine via needle.

Hope you enjoy! ;)

By the way, this is based on a custom !slap I use on IRC. Where you slap someone by cutting off someones head, which is choosen at random :evil:

(Currently CpUMasteR has lost his head 26 times! )

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:bow: :bow: :bow:

nice work ckemu. Btw, good choice taking out raziel ;) even if it just was ramdom :evil:

Btw, can i request my custom slap? :emb: (tho i don't know if i ever did it on you)

Anway, keep up the good work :thumb:
really nice!!
keep em' coming (if you have enough caffine)

good work!
Fear teh leet ninja. :p
Geez, you have a lot of free time, great work there. ;)
Really great job... I like Raziel's impersonation ;)
Hmmh, how do you get this nice shading? Bazil renderer?

Or in other words, nice work. ;)
Thanks to everyone for their comments, glad you like :D :D

Tori-Yama: I was originally going to use mental ray, but as I say this was done very quickly, so I rigged it just to use the max radisoity solution, with Logarithmic Exposure Control, and some photometric lights.
I see, thx for the info, looking forward to see more of it. ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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