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IPU - saqib I wub you (it rhymes!)

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IPU playback from PCSX2 (current beta).

It loops:

slice_start_code(0x000001b3) out of range
= Skip to the next picture =

but it showed something. This shot from a PSS. (and WTF is with the frame counter!!)

OMFG I wub you saqib :p
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Omfg. Omfg. Omfg :d
Devil May Cry....first video can be skipped, second video like the first goes into infinite loop :D
Notes about this IPU beta:

AirBlade Demo

[MPEG ERROR]Unsupported profile/level
*PCSX2*: DMA address not 128bit aligned: ff595378
*PCSX2*: DMA address not 128bit aligned: 0359d021
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 0359d021
*PCSX2*: Error, missing DMAC Interrupt

Gran Turismo

*PCSX2*: DMA address not 128bit aligned: 0359d021
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 0359d021


or "Out of FIFO's"

99% of attempted videos do not play or show anything, or have a skip to next image loop with out of range slice codes.
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More VF4!

PCSX2 25.01.2005
Europe v01.90 [23-06-2003] Console
GSdx / GSsoft / CDVDpeops / peopsSPU2 etc

Virtua Figher 4 [SCES 50759]

Plays video under GSsoft and GSdx. It seems that video will play in GSdx when image video is stretched over the screen with polygons, where as most raw video will only play in a tiny area at the top left of GSdx's window.

Video also can be played back with RECon! I took all these shots under the belief that video would only playback via INT, and meh, it works with REC!!!!!! (doubles the FPS!! Perhaps works due to the same reason it shows correctly in GSdx)

Below are an insane number of shots to show the full range of the video, demonstrating it works, and so shadow can drool over this abit :D

Secondary notes:

Video plays x number of frames, then pauses, and plays next x number of frames... yet fc counter increases during pause (streaming error?).

This is the only video I have found that runs with the ipu beta. As previously mentioned most loop on the first few frames, many show nothing, and those that do show anything are often stuck on 'slice out of range'. Still no luck with FFX-2's video :( :evil:

EDIT: Hell it worked with VUrec!
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PART 2 of the VF4 Shots
PART 3 of the VF4 Shots
PART 4 of the VF4 Shots
PART 5 of the VF4 Shots: thats it, enjoy shadow :D
Rumble Roses Video from a demo disc :D
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