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iPod Shuffle

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What do you guys think?
I'm considering buying the first piece of Apple hardware in my life. It seriously sounds like a great deal. $99 for a 512 mp3 player is outstanding. I never look at the screen on my cruddy 64meg iRiver anyway, so I figure why pay for it?
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Price is good, although the lack of screen is dissapointing. Even a track number would have been good, but there ya go.
that thing is nice (it's freakin tiny!) but...i don't think i could get over the lack of it telling you what song it's on. now, if it was 40gb then i could fit all my music on there, then shuffle wouldnt be so bad. but it's only a few hundred songs, not enough to create a distinct shuffle for me.

if you only have <512mb music or can easily pick out that much as your favorite, then go for it. it's a deal.
Looks cool, but its too barebones imo. Would rather spend the money to get a really nice one with tons of features than one that can only play, pause, next/back, and shuffle. :rolleyes:
well, a "nice" ipod is about 200-400 dollars more so...

meh. i got my Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 40gb for $150 USD. so im happy ;)
i hope they plan to release an lcd remote for this thing cuz otherwise im not gonna consider getting it at all. my 4gig Muvo2 is pretty much my favourite portable device rite now. If apple released a device like it so that i can use it as a mass storage device thats plug and play as well as a big mp3 player that has longer battery life than an (mini) ipod and yet cheaper, then i mite bite.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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