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So I've recently bought 2 Ipega 9068 controllers. They're bluetooth. I also have a 4.0 bluetooth adapter on my PC.

The problem is that every time I open x360ce, I have to reconfigure everything, and every time is different.

The most common problem that I have to keep solving everytime is that it apperas 2 bluetooth devices when I click "add". One of them works for one controller, or another, I don't know why, I don't know wich one to select, just attempt and error do work.

Then, sometimes, 2 more bluetooth devices appear (they are always there but, sometimes, not green - not connected), and when they do, it scrambles everything and I have to pick one of the first 2 (Again, I never know wich), and one of the other new 2 (I never know wich, seems random). Then it works. Also, everytime it works, I have to reconfigure bindings and stuff (not the major problem here - oh I just wish it was)

this and many other inconsistencies happen over and over everytime I close and open the app.

No tutorials on how to setup worked properly.
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