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Iori's SPU plugin v1.471 + Vagrant Story = PERFECT SOUND (at least for me..)

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No beeping footsteps or choppy sound or anyting..amazing..
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Originally posted by Gesthal
No beeping footsteps or choppy sound or anyting..amazing..
Would you please post your audio config?
It doesn't work well for me............. : (
Originally posted by Gesthal
My SPU plugin config for Vagrant Story using Iori's 1.471:

Sound buffer size: 8
XA buffer size: 32
And everything except "Show realtime config window" checked.

Tip: if it still doesn't work for you check "Show realtime config window" and reconfigure the spu in real-time while playing! Just experiment with buffer sizes and options until it works!
Yeah,It sure made a lot progress,but not perfect for me yet........ : (
I mean the realtime demos,most glitches happened here,especially at the beginning,Ashley rushes in the castle........ I think,the main problem still rest with the footstep,this plugin didn't solve the case
fundamentally.By checking the "noise and pitch modulation",it makes the footstep more comfortable,but in fact it's not the real footstep,
you'd know if you tried the pete's or the internal one.and it still beeps somewhere,mostly in a demo.However,it's sure a good plugin for this game,it works great on cutting scenes,and got a better footstep performed.
By the way,I heard that bleem1.6beta run V.S. perfectly,both graphic and sound,but I don't have a CDKEY to try it.........
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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