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Iori's SPU - Lasting notes.

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Hello all.
I've been playing FFIX I tried using Iori's SPU but I always get notes stuck! I mean that the sound plays fine when suddenly a note gets stuck and remains in the background while the rest of the music continues playing!

Is it fixable?
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I didn t play ff9 w/ iori spu.
But ive played w/ null2 spu 1.35 and worked perfectly (except the mdecs)
Besides, this stucking note is a known bug, I just advise u to grab the null2 spu.

He's very right. However to fix the movie bug, turn off the "SPU Irq Hack" option thingy in the sound menu (not the Null2 config menu). The game works perfectly for me.
if you pause and unpause the game the sounds that keeps playing in the background disapears...
Yeah, I know that, but it happens so many times that it's very annoying to Pause-Unpause every 3 seconds...
Anyway, I moved to Null's 1.24 SPU, It works great, So I think I'll stick to it in the meantime.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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