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I want to invert the X Axis on the game The Evil Within as there is only the option to invert the Y axis and not the X Axis and I have always played games like this.

I downloaded both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of x360ce as not sure which the game is. Starting with the 64 bit I ran as an Administrator and when prompted installed the missing xinput1_3.dll file and agreed to the default search the internet for settings.

I am using an original XBox controller, which the driver is installed and working correctly. The program correctly finds it in the list and the Controller graphic is enabled.

Now I could not find any direct tutorials on how to do this. I can see easily that you can press the record button and then press the corresponding button on the controller to map it.

So im looking to invert the bottom left thumb pad as this is used for the camera in the game. I can see when I press left or right that it highlights the Stick Axis X on the right and shows Axis 4 from the drop down list. Further down you have Stick Up, Stick Down, Stick Left and Stick Right. I assumed I could use those to map when I press it to the left or right.

So clicking inside Stick Left I pressed record but pushed the thumb to the right and this gave me the value HAxis4. For the Right Stick I pushed to the left to give IHAxis4. This seems correct to be as it is on Axis 4.

So I clicked the save button and this generates x360ce.ini, x360ce.tmp and the xinput1_3.dll that must have been generated when I first opened the x360ce program. So I copied all these files into the installation folder of where the game is installed. Tried to but didn't work. So I deleted and repeated the process in the 32 bit program but still didn't work.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
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