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Your internet speed is?

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ISPs around here have started offering 940/50 connections, but they're around 100$ a month, so I stuck to 100/30. I don't think I need more than that yet.
The actual speed is closer to 115/34, but I've noticed that limiting my speed has benefits.

One issue I've had in the past is "bufferbloat", and I'm not the only one. Since I played a lot of online game, having bufferbloat mess with my connection was pretty annoying. When I went from a connection of 30/10 to 100/30, I saw a surprising improvement regarding bufferbloat. But where it got even better, was when I made my router cap its speed to avoid going over 100/30.

Using this test, my old connection gave me a bufferbloat rating of C+, new default connection was A, and capping my speed gives me A+:


181 - 182 of 182 Posts