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internet monitoring

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does anyone know if there is a program that tells you what file or files are being uploaded or downloaded from your computer?
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For what? IRC? FTP? Can you be more specific? People can't just download or upload files from/to your comp without you running the correct software.
hmm like from my browser IE5
for downloads, Download Accelerator Plus logs all your downloads if you used that program to d/l stuff.

for uploads....err, i dunno...maybe there is such a thing in CNET Downloads site.
Internet monitoring??? What specific purpose do you have in mind? If it's just day-to-day downloads then get a download manager (get one that isn't spyware =).

Uploads... well... I dunno.

If it's serious security purposes, get a firewall. Try Zonelabs for starters.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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