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Hey, If you don't know (I bet you don't :p ) I've been registered to help organise an international scientific conferrence. Held by my Institute, I was chosen along other students to help in several jobs, which would give us a very good opportunity to get close and contact some of the Professors and first class students from many countries.

Well, I was wondering if you can people help me find the best ways to be friendly with them. For example, if they have a habit they all do in their X country, and then I can help them do it. Special dish maybe?! An important soccer match they'd want to see. Or even a national festival in the time interval of the conferrence, etc. ;)

It's going to be from 27/11 till 1/12. The countries I know which are going to participate so far are : Germany, Hungary, Guatimala, Many South american countries and Asian too, Also Cuba. I'll tell you the full list when I see it ^_^ . Till then can you help me there?

This activity is going to be so helpful in my career future and if I leave a good impression, it'll be added to my college profile. So it really means alot to me ^^"

Thx anyway :)
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