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In the 'current' GMR magazine, the Game Geezer asks how we can define a game as "Game of the Year" or "Best ever" when we've only played it for a few months.
I have to agree with him. It seems we barely have a game for a month or two and we're saying how great it is, heck in some cases games are hyped before being released...
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying 'new games are bad' or 'retro games are the only good games', what I'm saying is, why don't we play the games for a few months to a year before acting like we 'know' them,,,
We're barely scratching the surface of games when we give them awards and claim they are the 'best.' We need to play more and award later , IMSHO...

guess that's a good point... I often don't give games enough time myself; I only properly finished MGS2 a few weeks ago, and I think only now I can give a really proper judgement on it, for example.
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