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Sorry if i didnt spell your name right lewpy, to lazy to spell correctly anymore. Anyhow, i was playing around with the settings Lewpys Gfx plugin (Version 1.33). I had saved on the world map, then proceeded to start and stop the emu to test new settings (didnt know at the time you could do it in game.) When i started the game i had off screen drawing off and frame buffer set to read. I was experimenting at first with getting the gfx better, set the off screen drawing to full and the frame buffer to read/write. Played for perhaps 10 hours, then i started playing with bilinier filtering (slowed down alot, but you guys know all about that.) Tryed to change off screen drawing to Extra+FBR. When i loaded my game, all i say was water, no character no land no nothing but water. So i exited and tryed loading a diff save (ps. never used saved states, all from regular save points). This one was in a dungeon(Lindblum i think), the emu just crashed (forget the error) Anywho, to make a long story even longer, i had to leave the off screen drawing to Full in order for the game to work, any other setting produces WIERD(unplayable) results. HOWEVER, if i start a new game with off screen drawing set to anything i want (including off) it works fine. I can play with off screen set to full no biggie, just thought id post this just incase the gfx developers were interested.

Specs: 933 Mhz, 512 MB Ram, VooDoo 3 3500 (My kingdom for a VooDoo 5)

PS Thanx all you developers for going through so much trouble to make a FREE emulater and plugins that work GREAT!!!! Keep up the exelent work.

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Does that to me too on FF9.

I've also got a problem with FF7.
Using Lewpy's 1.33.
If i turn on the on screen display
to show FPS and whatnot... It will never
clear itself off of the screen until a
Mdec movie plays. And if i NEVER turn the
OSD on at all, sometimes it will just pop on
for no reason. When it does this,
it shows the save state, pad data....
Weird huh?
(It's set to off when i start the emu!)
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