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intel help please

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Hi I have processor

Intel vivi core 2 currently at 3.2ghz

I'm just wondering if people could give me some more info on it.

How does it compare to the duel core

and if it's overclockable
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Get that, it identifies exactly which processor you have. As soon as you have identified it the easiest to do is to go to Tom's Hardware: Hardware News, Tests and Reviews, look up the CPU rankings and see how your processor performs compared to others.

If you don't even know how to check up your CPU ID, and that a Core 2 is dual core by nature, I suggest not aiming for an OC for the time being.
Intel Viiv refers to a collection of technology within a PC, much like the old Centrino, and it is not a CPU type itself.

Also, if your CPU really is 3.2GHz, I doubt it's any Core 2 (the only Core 2s that have a stock frequency of 3.2GHz are the Core 2 extreme QX9770, and the Core 2 Extreme QX9775, of which you'd know if you had either, and those are quad core CPUs). Are we sure this isn't a Pentium 4 or a Pentium D, or that it's a 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo CPU (would make more sense being in a Viiv branded PC) and you're adding both cores frequency together?
ah, vivi is the technology it uses. It's actually Intel pentium D 940
No, its not. Viiv (not Vivi) is a collection of technology within a PC. Basically, if it has this, that, and another inside it, it can qualify for Viiv (or Centrino, or whatever). It has nothing to do with the CPU itself, rather, the CPU can qualify to be a part of it.

The technology the CPU uses is numerous, but the most common and simple way to refer to a CPUs technology is to reference it's core makeup (either the core codename or it's core technology type). In the Pentium D's case, that is the Netburst architecture. A Pentium D is basically a dual core Pentium 4 (hence the "D", but note that the Celeron D is not a dual core CPU, but rather just a Prescott core CPU).
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