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intel 810 configuration

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i have an intel 810 card and i wish to know which plugins are recommended with his respective configurations.
I´m also using windows me on a pentium III 700 mhz, 64 mb RAM.
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Well intel 810 chipset is good and it can only run two plugins.All D3D plugins and all software GPU.

Since the graphics of software renderation are not good,I would suggest U to use a D3D plugin.With a resolution of 640x400 and in 16bit colour depth.The 810 chipset might not do advance blending and filtering.So keep the settings low.But it is a good chipset.

The software GPU would rather do more good.Try using Petes Soft GPU.

Thanks for the info. i used the pete´s d3d plugin and works well, but when y play ff8 has several glitches and in the battles it turns very slow.
This is because the emulator is not getting enough 3D hardware support.
I also am currently using 810 chipset and win me.Yes pete's d3d plugin is surely the best.Also try segu's d3d plugin because I think its faster and can be run at 1024x768 resolution with good fps but sometimes it may be glitchy.
the i810 hmm, the graphics are hurting, but what's worse is no agp slots! argh :mad:
I had to use one of those at my old work, so I feel your pain.
No No Now a days the intel Mobos have builtin intel 810 chipset and they also have a 4x AGP slot.Thats what make me love intel mobos.

sorry, Liaqatali but you are incorrect about the i810; it does not have an AGP slot. Only the i815 and higher have AGP slots here is why:

When the i810 (100FSB) and the i810e (133 FSB) came out around january 2000 they were designed as a cheap solution to the first i820 coppermine motherboards. At the time RDRAM prices were extremely high and this affected the sales of the i820 motherboards. To counter this problem the i810 and i810e were designed as stripped down versions of the i820, offering no AGP and SDRAM only. Intel's goal was to push people to buy the more expensive RDRAM motherboards, by completely castrating their SDRAM boards.

Unfortuantely for Intel, they took a massive hit in 2000 for pushing RDRAM too early, so they caved-in and released the i815 and i815e motherboards around October 2000. These chipsets are essentially upgraded versions of the i810 and i810e with an AGPx4 slot.

also the i8x0 video is really just a i740 graphic card. and is about as powerfull as Nvidia's RIVA128 (a 1997 pre TNT graphic card). pretty sad.
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Thanks liquid,I never had that much info about my computer's motherboard .Helpful for sure.I hope liaqat agrees.
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