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installing videocards.... :(

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I recently bought a new video card? When I came home I was very excited? And I started installing the vga card?When I finished installing it? I plugged back the monitor, keyboard, and mouse port?br>

I started up the computer and it beeped 2 times?and just hanged there?br>

My Current System Specs:

Pentium 3 at 550mhz

256MB p133 RAM

40 GB of HDD

Current VGA card: nVIDIA TNT2 M64 32mbs of ram w/ video out

Sound Card: Sound Blaster Platinum 2.0

48x CDROM Drive

4x4x32x CDRW Drive


Currently using Windows XP/ Dual booting with Windows 98

Drivers using: leaked version of nvidia detonator 22.80

I also did a little research at IBM’s website?and I found a problem?my computer was manufactured by IBM?and it seems that my model type has some type of problem?br>

Here is the url:

Thanks for your time?br>
I really appreciate it if anyone would reply!

Confused Boy,
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you sure the card is seated propelly?
If so and theres something wrong with your ibm pc then you will have to do what it says on that url ie dload a different bios ..
thanks for your quicky reply!

yes i will try to search for a flash bios update ...

i hope that will solve the problem

any other suggestioons?
oh yeah... my card manufacture is HIS...

anyone heard of HIS?

and my chipset is from nvidia...

is it allowed to post links to bios updates?

if its ok... could anyone help?

if not... then just ignore!

thanks people!
i want to get this installed b4 tomorrow
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I think you have to update your motherboard bios, not your video card one(if possible, do it too). We need to know your motherboard manufacturer and the model to find a bios. btw, when you meant that your chipset was nvidia, you meant your video card, right?(unless you have a nForce). Check again if your video card is correctly installed, and the monitor is correctly connected to it.

thanks for your reply!
well... i tried again to install... im sure the card is seated in properly... and that the monitor is in....

i updated my bios mother board... still no luck.... and cant find an update on the video card..

the card is made by a company called HIS... and they used the chipset nvidia's gf2 mx400..

im still confused... i think im going to have it exchanged with a different card...

maybe nvidia's gf2 mx400 32mbs of ram...

cuz @ ibm's site.... says a specific... with 64 mbs of ram will not work... so i guess 32?

any help will be appreiciated... thanks!
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Ok what bios are you using (eg award, ami etc..) What exactly is the bleep code that you are getting (combination of short bleeps/long bleeps etc...) If you are getting a bleep code it means that an error has occured before the video card can be started. You can lookup these codes on in some mobo manuals.
is this good or bad.. oh well...

well... thanks for all your replies guys... i gave up on it... and just exchanged the nvidia gf2 mx400 64mbs of ram... with a lower card...

gf2 mx200 32 mbs of ram...

doh... i know not as good...

but i guess i have to live with it... it works...

and i guess i should tweak it and overclock i'll try... keke... :)

well i wish i got the mx400 64 ram working...
but i guess this card will do for now...

thanks again guys!

have a good day!
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