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Hello, I have "Logitech Driving Force GT" steering wheel configured in "x360ce Beta 2" for GTA IV. Everything works well but there is one issue:

When using Exterior Camera, steering input glitches for a short period of time after steering from one side to other and then glitch goes away. It occurs in center areas of steering, where you turn from left to right. It gets confused sometimes and reverses the steering inputs or a second. As a result you steer towards the opposite side temporarily.

When using Hood Camera, don't have any disturbances related to steering. Looks like Exterior Camera causes the problem for unknown reasons.

Am i doing something wrong? Is this something that can be fixed? What could be causing it?

New versions are not the solution to this problem. They no more have Device Type dropdown menu to choose wheel instead of Gamepad. Modes seem to be unavailable in new x360ce and whatever mode new x360ce is using has huge dead space in center area of steering range. You gotta use Anti-Dead Zone option to fix it, which does fix the problem but it affects the steering speed, it responds faster compared to this old way of doing it which is more accurate.
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