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whenever i try to load a game on the dolphin emulator it says cant init core and check your config. (it also says cant find wiimote but i dont think that matters because i want to play gamecube games)

btw, im trying to play pokemon xd.

ty for help!!

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From Dolphin Requirements:

======= Video Card Requirements =======
You must have a video card that support OpenGL 2.x fully or Direct3D 9.0c.

Note: OpenGL plugin is the best working video plugin for Dolphin, do not expect great results with the Direct3D9 plugin compared to the alternate one.
Note: Direct3D9 plugin is still in the works and has more kinks than the OGL one, so expect to run into black screen, shading errors, and other graphical bugs.

Note: Make sure your drivers are up to date!
[Driver Sites]
NVIDIA Drivers
ATI Drivers

[Models that Dolphin likes]
- NVIDIA GeForce 6 to 9 Series and GeForce 200 Series
--* GeForce 6 Series
--* GeForce 7 Series
--* GeForce 8 Series
--* GeForce 9 Series
--* GeForce 200 Series
- ATI Radeon R200 to R700 Series
--* ATI Radeon Processor Generations
--* Radeon 300
--* Radeon 420
--* Radeon 520
--* Radeon 600
--* Radeon 700

[Model thats Dolphin doesn't like]
- Any Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) Chipset (These cards do not support OpenGL 2.x fully)
--* Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
- Older NVIDIA Chipsets
--* GeForce 256
--* GeForce 2
--* GeForce 3
--* GeForce 4
--* GeForce FX Series
- ATI Radeon R200 and Older
--* ATI Radeon Processor Generations
--* Radeon 100
--* Radeon 200
------+ RIVA TNT
--* RAGE
------+ Rage

So do you have one of the cards that Dolphin doesn't like?
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