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Yeah.. I was partly through FF9 with my PS2, then i discovered ePSXe and i was VERY impressed.. Shame on Sony for not offering any PS1 game improvements worth a damn on PS2... anyway...

I ripped my ff9 cd's to ISO on my HD as well... and use the same config as you (i have P3/733 and GF1 DDR). I think Null's plugin has much better sound quality than the internal one, but the internal one is the only one that works 99% with FF9 (except for the seldom hanging midi note).

Make sure you dont use filtering in the OGL driver (it causes some visual glitches), instead run at like 800x600x32bit and turn on 2x FSAA in the nvidia OGL driver. It makes the Backgrounds look WAAAAAAAY better... your MX would prolly be quick enough for it.. my card is only marginally faster than an MX in 32bit modes.)

I was thinking of picking up a GF2 Ultra since they're only like $200 mail order now. I bet 4x FSAA at 800x600x32bit would scream on it.. GF3 wouild probably be really nice but its just not worth the extra 150 right now...

Perhaps when I get bored with Gran Turismo 3 i'll start playing this stock of PS1 RPG's i missed out on... (i played FF7 on PC..) i bought FF8,FF9,Chrono Chross, and Xenogears .. heh.. all collecting dust cuz of GT3.. hehe I'm really excited to go back and play all the great PS1 games i missed out on with epsxe. PS2 is the first console i purchased since my 2600 when i was a kid.. In between i was a hardcore PC gamer.. Since i bought the ps2 about 2-3 months ago.. i haven't booted up a PC game... but that'll change when some of the WW2 based shooters come out later this year :)

Originally posted by RedJacket
I just made my first iso few days ago..and figured out something interesting:)
Let's say..on ff9..b4 that i was using Null's spu and running it nearly
perfect(95%) except the music slowdown after battle when the
screen u gain the exp comes out and fps drops to 27-30+..
Then i run it via iso..know what..the problem just gone..everything
just goes smooth ..then i try it with other's spu too to see wat's
the difference..after few moments..i found out by using Null's..
the music in FMV seems a bit noisy and the music after
have a long encho..somehow it don't even stop..but this didn't happens while running it on Cd-rom..funny..right?:p
Then with Iori's 1.45 spu..the result's is same as Null's except the
music in FMV seems fine..still encho and somehow last forever till
u enter next battle.. test with Pete's DSound more encho..
FMV is okay..somehow the effect i.e like pick an item..knock the door.footsteps.etc is weird..different with normal..especially in battle..when u slash an enemy..quite weird i must say
Finally with Internal spu..oh god..this one really done the job..everything's perfect..either FMV..battle..sound effect..this one sure's the winner..really impressed me:p
Then i comes out with the result..while using CD-rom..the best for me is the Null's spu coz it doesn't seems to have those pro while in it?then..if u're gonna use iso(better do so:D it's perfect)..use the internal to get a perfect emulation..
somehow..using this while running CD-rom ..the screen stuns after battle for few secs .ad turns slower..drops fps..this goes with Iori.prodigy..pete's Dsound as well except Null's ..dat's why i recommende using it for the best in CD-rom:p
Finally..dis 's just for ur info..hope could do a small help..enjoy:p
PS:bout the GPU u?mine's GForece2MX..watelse? Pete's OGL of coz
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