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I just made my first iso few days ago..and figured out something interesting:)
Let's say..on ff9..b4 that i was using Null's spu and running it nearly
perfect(95%) except the music slowdown after battle when the
screen u gain the exp comes out and fps drops to 27-30+..
Then i run it via iso..know what..the problem just gone..everything
just goes smooth ..then i try it with other's spu too to see wat's
the difference..after few moments..i found out by using Null's..
the music in FMV seems a bit noisy and the music after
have a long encho..somehow it don't even stop..but this didn't happens while running it on Cd-rom..funny..right?:p
Then with Iori's 1.45 spu..the result's is same as Null's except the
music in FMV seems fine..still encho and somehow last forever till
u enter next battle.. test with Pete's DSound more encho..
FMV is okay..somehow the effect i.e like pick an item..knock the door.footsteps.etc is weird..different with normal..especially in battle..when u slash an enemy..quite weird i must say
Finally with Internal spu..oh god..this one really done the job..everything's perfect..either FMV..battle..sound effect..this one sure's the winner..really impressed me:p
Then i comes out with the result..while using CD-rom..the best for me is the Null's spu coz it doesn't seems to have those pro while in it?then..if u're gonna use iso(better do so:D it's perfect)..use the internal to get a perfect emulation..
somehow..using this while running CD-rom ..the screen stuns after battle for few secs .ad turns slower..drops fps..this goes with Iori.prodigy..pete's Dsound as well except Null's ..dat's why i recommende using it for the best in CD-rom:p
Finally..dis 's just for ur info..hope could do a small help..enjoy:p
PS:bout the GPU u?mine's GForece2MX..watelse? Pete's OGL of coz
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