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This is bad news...

Hi everyone,

This is an emergency alert for everyone who took part in the Save Betamax call-in day: Today, Orrin Hatch will be trying to line up enough votes to get the INDUCE Act (S. 2560) through to the floor. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee need to hear from you right now.

At the bottom of this message is a list of Senators to call. Please take the time to call two of them, before 5 PM EST today. The bill is scheduled for mark-up on Thursday, so it's very important that you call them now.

We need to stop this bill, and we can. Because the INDUCE Act is such a radical departure from two decades of tech policy (set in place by the Betamax decision), a truly unprecedented coalition has formed to stop it. Heavyweights of the technology and electronics sectors are joining public interest groups in fighting hard against the extremely well-connected entertainment industry lobbies (the RIAA and MPAA). Right now there's something of a stalemate-- insiders all say that INDUCE has about a 50/50 shot at becoming law.

That's why it's extremely important that Senators hear what you have to say. This email is going out to the over 5,000 people who participated in the Save Betamax call-in day. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the EFF will be running a call-in day for their members, using the software we made for Save Betamax. In just two days Senators could be hearing from tens of thousands of constituents. But we need you to make these phone calls, and spread the word. That means email friends, blog it, etc.


Please call two of these Senators, and if you have time feel free to make more calls. Make sure to look down the list to see if any Senators represent your state. Every phone call counts, but calls from constituents will carry more weight, so make sure to let them know if you're a constituent.

Orrin Hatch

Patrick Leahy

Charles E. Grassley

Edward M. Kennedy

Arlen Specter

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Jon Kyl
202) 224-4521

Herbert Kohl
(202) 224-5653

Mike DeWine
(202) 224-2315

Dianne Feinstein

Jeff Sessions
202) 224-4124

Russell D. Feingold

Lindsey Graham
(202) 224-5972

Charles E. Schumer

Larry Craig

Richard J. Durbin
202) 224-2152

Saxby Chambliss
(202) 224-3521

John Edwards
(202) 224-3154

John Cornyn


On the new INDUCE Act drafts:
The INDUCE Act has already been through several revisions, as Hatch et al. attempt to appease some of their most powerful opponents. But none of these revisions cut it; all of them make industries liable for infringement they don't commit or even profit from, and all of them would give the entertainment industry veto power over new technology (say, the wireless iPod). For more information on the latest draft, see the following article in Wired:,1283,65084,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

On Republicans and Democrats:
Like many tech law issues, this one cuts across party lines (most powerful members of both parties are on the wrong side). If you're calling Republican Senators, emphasize that this legislation would create a huge new legal liability (which means bogus litigation) against American high tech companies. Tell them that the Heritage Foundation and the American Conservative Union both oppose the bill. And check out an ACU flyer here:

If you're calling Democrats, emphasize that the Betamax decision was sound policy and that the entertainment companies' extreme stance on copyright is directly opposed to the public good.

For more information about the INDUCE Act, go to:

Thanks for your time and your energy.


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Damn, this threat is still there?
Can it really affect ppl who live out of your crazy USA?

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The Induce Act is very real....with FAR reaching implications. This is a real bill that the U.S. Senate is, for some damn reason, trying furiously to pass. This bill could not only totally illegalize any kind of file sharing, but also outlaw legally made backups. It can also outlaw any new technologies. And, I imagine, all current technologies will come under fire. Say bye bye to cd burners, dvd burners, iPods, MP3 players, TIVO, and according to one site I read, it would even make WiFi networks illegal.

Now here is a question I thought of when I read that. Why only wifi networks??? Don't ALL networks help share (induce?) data???? So say we extend this idea to say all NETWORKS would then be illegal. Then, take that idea one step farther. What is the internet??? A massive series guessed it...NETWORKS. And although not everything is wireless yet, technology is advancing at such a rate where I feel comfortable saying that in another 10-20 years, most everybody will be using wireless connections for pretty much EVERYTHING. If this bill is not stopped or SERIOUSLY altered, it will have far reaching effects, and anybody who has copyrights on anything will be able to automatically say whether or not you can sell something because "they had the idea first." And then this:

will become a reality. If you think this is just spam, you better think again. Or are the american people just going to sit back and let more of their rights be taken away from them too????

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Em... as for me it looks like they are giving much amount of money to get for the underground... because that's how it's gonna be after accepting that s**t

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I doubt it will happen. They would ruin too many companies. So what? You can't make backups of anything? That's total bull.

(once again, glad I live in Canada)

They're just blowing smoke like the RIAA did. ;)

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me too...

but would anyone bother calling those senators? I think its main purpose to pest the senators with call would even agitate them about that law...

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I'm sure they have there own opinions of these matters (for or against) and seriously I don't think calling them t say "no!" would do a hill of beans. ;) You think calling the RIAA to stop what they're doing did anything? Uh no.

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You can't compare the RIAA to a senator. The RIAA were doing what they were doing for their own benefit. Senators would not benefit at all from this act, in fact it would probably end up hurting them, so if you called them, they would probably listen to you as long as you sounded like a reasonable and intelligent adult.

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I wasn't comparing the RIAA to the senators. I was comparing it to the Induce Act :p The senators may listen, but I doubt it will influence their decisions.
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