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Indiana Jones 5: The Adventure of Hip Replacement Surgery!

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Yeah...Indiana Jones 5 is in the works. Can you believe that? A 67 year old Harrison Ford can still kick butt I guess. But still...I think a fifth movie with Harrison Ford being that old will be kind of blech...I'm not sure though, Shia Lebeouf seemed to have great potential if they continue to put him in the Indy series.

Anyways, it seems that a draft of the script is being written. I guess we'll just see what happens. :lol:

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I will be taking up the role as indiana jones jr. Shia can stick to his ****in robots.
Omg...wait hip replacement? That's going to be a lame movie
Ugh. I think I need to start writing cease and desist letters whenever an unnecessary movie from Hollywood is announced.
While some parts were a bit too far fetched (like the bomb/fridge scene) I thought the movie was good enough.
Hey, that's the way they felt like making the story. I won't argue that bit, or I'll have to start hating good movies like Aliens and Predator, right?
Omg...wait hip replacement? That's going to be a lame movie
Ozz, I hope you know that that was just me being cynical and that's not the real title of it.
And I hope you now realize that I was being sarcastic...
Indiana Jones and the Quest for Viagra!
any more movies is just Overkill

the series has its glory in the past , let it rest in piece , stop reviving the series and raping it .
nah, Indiana is Harrison, it doesn't even need a good script to be epic as long as its him delivering the wise cracks
Indiana is Harison. Can't imagine Shia Lebouf doing it. I don't know, maybe it's just the old man inside me creeping out :p. Oh, and Ozz, fanservice much?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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