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Incorrect fps count

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I think I posted this once before, but I never did solve the problem. Sorry for the new thread! ;)

Anyway, the problem is that on any plugin, except Pete's, my fps count is WAY too low, and as a result, the frame limitation does not work properly, and the emulator runs at about double speed. Has anyone else had this problem, or know why this might be happening? I am mainly talking about Segu's, but it is the same with any plugin I have tried (except Pete's)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Pete and Lewpy's plugins (And now Kazzyua's I think) are the only ones that use the newer FPS calculation. All others use the previous incarnation.
I always felt that there has been a huge difference in fps shown by various plugins.I still use segu's gpu plugin and even if it shows same fps as pete's it is always faster.similarly fps shown by software called "fraps" just doesnt make any sense to me if compared to gpu plugins.
I think its due to the fact that each of them may be using different methods to count the fps.
I really wonder what's the deal with FPS counters.
My counter simply counts how much time it takes to reach a display call again. Basically every new frame that is displayed to the user is counted and the time past is used to calculate the FPS.

One thing I noticed though is that the old timeGetTime() functions.. that' were built for multimedia, are less reliable than ever on Win2K.

The new version of my plugin (which I had to suspend for a while) will have a more accurate timer (that probably other plugins are already using) and also very accurate syncronization.
The FPS now locks to 50 or 60hz depending on PAL or NTSC timing.

I guess once the fps will be properly locked, the final judgement will be on XA audio playback.. if that doesn't get too much out of sync then it means the fps is accurate too 8)

well the key to this problem is use a spu that hold the fps to right number like null2 or iori based spu i use this spu when i use segu d3d plugin
Naaa... the spu is not really a good fps limiter... of couse the spu can (when
XA is playing) kinda calculate and limit the framerate (using the XA frequency),
That's what Iori is doing (well, my old Midas spu was doing it first)
but the XA func will not be called often enuff to get a smooth framerate...
tends to be jumpy...

The 'secret fps stuff' my and Lewpy's newer plugins by default are doing is
really simple:

we are not using the time between two buffer swaps of the gfx card, we
are using the vsync (GPUupdateLace) func to measure the (PSX!) framerate... that
func has to get called 50 (PAL) or 59.94 (NTSC) times each second...

if the main emu is doing that right, and your hardware is fast enuff, you will
get perfect XA, fine mdec timing, etc... but, of course, (without enabling
some special option) you will see the PSX framerate, and not the real PC
framerate in our gpu plugins.

That's all (and described in detail in all of my gpu readme/version.txts, I think)
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Mr. Pete,

I'm also syncing in the updatelace() now (1.8) but I still check for FPS in the displayupdate(), that way the FPS figure is always "right".. only the updatelace() decides whether or not to use some delay.

Anyhow I guess I'll just have to take a closer look to your readme 8P

Wow! You guys are gods. That's all I have to say. I am just starting to learn C++ right now, but if I ever get good, I will someday try to work on an ePSXe GPU.
U know what... Pete and Kazzuya both have more than 14 years of programming knowledges if im not mistaken..

I think both of them started to learn programming when they was 12 year old. :eek:

If Pete is 32 year old, then he sould have 20 years of programming knowledges. And if Kazzuya is 27 year old, then he should have 15 years of programming knowledges! :eek:

Am i right? ehehehe :p
Ninja, I didn't mean to sound too technical. I'm glad that sounds cool, but I'll give up on the "god" status for the time being 8)
Anyhow keep up the good work with your C++ !

Nightmare.. word is that I'm already 29. So that makes 17 years of experience (I think I was 12 when I got my VIC 20). But that doesn't mean everything.. infact the first years spent dealing with computers were mostly about buying magazines with listings of programs to copy and then save on the tape.
There were no books to speak of, only magazine articles, while manuals were often just written in English, which I couldn't speak at the time 8P
Anyhow, before I get lost in the memories and bore everyone to death.. the point I wanted to make was that nowadays it's easier to pick up info about anything one wants to do with a computer(although not all infos are useful).
This levels things out and makes my first years of experience not so valuable. I mean.. was fun.. but slow paced.
hey, and I am only 31 (today... that will change tomorrow ;) )

but my first comp was a VIC 20 as well :)
Originally posted by Pete Bernert
hey, and I am only 31 (today... that will change tomorrow ;) )

but my first comp was a VIC 20 as well :)

oopps, wrong again :emb:

Anyway, happy birthday! (well, one day erlier). :D
Yeaah, happy birthday Pete. I just hope it doesn't suck. I hate it when people wish me a happy birthday on ones that suck.

edit: that made no sense whatsoever. I am going to bed.
Ohhh.. Happy Birthday !!!

I'm sure will be an happy one as long as you don't get lost into some day-long plugin debugging sessions.

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