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Well, Windows will slow down the emulator ONLY if you have little ram (less than 128), so another OS will make the emulator faster ONLY if it uses less ram (say 16mb of ram instead of the aprox. 128mb that Windows uses). This is just my opinion (although I think I read about this somewhere) so correct me if I`m wrong.
Plus, just think of:
1) how hard it is to make a good, working OS (cause Longhorn is sure taking it`s time, and it has may people working on it, not a handfull as the emulator has),
2)how are you gonna download it (say, for 56k users it`s gonna take a lifetime and your life savings; glad I`m not one of them),
3)how are they gonna keep it up to date (because it will have some bugs, plus they`ll probably have to release a new version of the OS as soon as the plugin specs and code changes),
4)how on earth are they gonna build drivers for your hardware (your hardware doesn`t run on air, and people sure have lot`s of harddware),
5)how are they change pcsx2`s code so that it will run with that OS (basicaly they`ll need to start pcsx2 from scratch again),
6)how are they gonna make API`s so the emualator can run faster (cause I don`t think they can use DirectX or OpenGL),
7)and how are they gonna make that OS in just a few hours a week (they have jobs, and lives too).
If they`ll start making an OS it will greatly slow down pcsx2`s progress, and in the end you`ll get the emulator much later than you would get without the OS project, and of course you`ll get it only to work on a very strange, probably buggy, OS.
So in short it`s just too messy, too complicated,too much time and effort consuming, and in the end the emulator won`t need it at all.
So this will defenetly won`t solve the problem.
And this is the end of the "1001 reasons why making an OS won`t solve the problem" post:D . Wow, never thought it would come out so long (I hope I won`t have to write it all over again).:D
Sorry if I sounded harsh, I just wanted to say why it`s not a good idea.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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