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In game cutscences?

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I am an old emu fan, but new to PSX emulation, non of the other emulators have worked for me so far, but when trying out epsx it amazingly worked. GREAT! :)

There is on little thing I really would like to know though I read the docus and faqs I couldn't find an answer. I can play many games quite fine, but I never get to see an in-game cutscenes or game movies which are renderd and not part of the game engine itself. Am I doing somthing wrong with the setup, or does the programm simply not play them? If yes, is there an emulator which does play these scenes?

Thanks alot,

Irwin J. Finster
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I think you are refering to mdecs and yes they are supported. However they need to be switched on. This can be done from the misc settings
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