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i am a fan of IMPACT, but there seems to be no future development,
is it possible that the existing ePSXe which has almost the same hardware-emulation as Impact could be adopted to play inpact-games?


would be great !!

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future dev on impact/zinc looks rather bad (when?)
also: it has a limited list of supported games,
one of the programmers suggested that it would be easier to code the impact functions into psx-emus than hoping to get sometime an impact/zinc ...

thats the deal

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What about the Impact plugins? Is there any chance that they could be continued? I still occasionally use the D3D renderer. It's a fast plugin and works well with games that don't need a lot of off screen drawing. The only thing really missing from it is the ability to perform savestates. (Just my opinion, others are bound to disagree). Oh, and mdecs, they work but not that well. It's still a good plugin though.

Does anyone know if the author of the plugins is still around? Or he might even release the sources (probably unlikely). He or others might continue to develop them. If not then it's alright. There's still the great gpu plugins created by Pete, Lewpy, Kazzuya and Segu (missing anyone?)

Does anyone else use these plugins? If so I'd like to know what you think.

-just an opinion


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impact is only the name for psx-arcade ...

the difference between impact-hardware and psx-hardware is that
impact has a bit more power,more ram ,...
i am not a programmer (no C), and so no specialist in this, but it must be possible
to make it (any psx-emu) accept impact-roms ...

quote from impactemu -forum
"The specifics I can think of:
- 4 MB main ram for ZN-1, 8 for ZN-2 (the normal PSX has 2 MB)
- 2 MB VRAM for all (vs. 1 MB in the normal PSX)
- The additional music is handled by a standard Z80 and Qsound chip, identical to CPS-2 and some CPS-1 games (I don't think the Z80 is encrypted like in some of those games though
- On Psychic Force, the music is a Z80 + YM2610B + TC0140SYT (custom Taito chip to communicate between the CPUs - it's in MAME as "taitosnd.c" and many many Taito games from about Rastan on used it or a varient). It's identical to the sound system used in Taito F2 - same memory map and everything, so it's possible to work off the MAME F2 driver

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Fivefeet8, you're right, this thread is being moved to off topic discussion where it really belongs.

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With the recent rise in popularity of mingw, and the win32 port of SDL heavily improving starting with 1.2.0, there is a very good chance Zinc will be released for win32 platforms as well.

The author is more focused on his other projects at the moment, though.

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i tried the game Soulblade with all (good) existing emulators
(ePSXe,PCSX,fPSX,AdriPSX,bleem,VGS) and it only functioned with ePSXe,
it didnt even run on BLEEM !!!!
i was very surprised...

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Surprised something didn't run on Bleem!? Don't make me laugh. Well OK go ahead...make me laugh. So what wrong with playing it on the best and most compatible I'm not talking about FPSE, I'm talking about ePSXe (its OK cause I'm an emu fan not an emu author:)).

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the last time i played psx games on my computer (well , end of 1999)
there was bleem and nothing else, and it worked...

also, on the list of supported games: soulblade is listed ...

ePSXe only has one big problem -> movies (start of SB or GTA2),
either they are not played or not in sync (audio-video)

its sad that the only emus for linux (pcsx and fPSX, as far as i know)
didnt work with SB and very slow with GTA2.

cause i wanted to build a linux-multimedia-box with mp3,divx,dvd,mame and psx,...

hope that these projects speed up :D
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