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No, this is not another thread on zooming programs, but I'm maintaining a nice little website with tutorials for GBA emulation, like a tutorial on how to play on VBA Link. I'm the owner of a community in Orkut, and I noticed that a lot of people had an even bigger lot questions, but few people had almost no answers. So, I decided to start this website, thinking of it like a tutorial center or such. Now, with two succesful tutorials made by me, and two more coming, I decided to move on to NDS emulation, and my downloads section on the site contains various addons for the emulators, with their respective logos, and I would like to know if you could provide me with the logos of NGZoom, MyZoom, NO$Zoomer, NDS2xGL2, and NO$GBA Profile Manager. On .jpg, or any other image formats you guys use ^^. And, if you want to check on the website, it's right here
By the way, it's in portuguese, tough.
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