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Is there an anime about overclocking? - Anime and Manga - Other Titles Message Board - GameFAQs

Rival: "You cannon defeat me, my AMD build is top of the line!"

Mainguy: "You must be blind, clock for clock, my e8400 defeats your Phenom II."

Rival: "You may think so, however behold the performance increase when I OVERCLOCK IT!"

Mainguy: "That can't be possible, he reached 3.6 GHz with stock cooling!!?"

Girl: "Mainguy-kun, he's too strong. We have to pull our trump card!"

Mainguy: "eh eh, you aren't the only one who can overclock. Behold, my e8400 went from 3 to 4.2 GHz!"

Rival: "Impossible, most of those processors can't come close to that, unless..."

Girl: "That's right, our e8400 came with E0 stepping, increasing it's overclocking potential further than normally possible!"

Rival:"Haha, hahahaha."

Mainguy: "What's wrong, have you finally admitted defeat?"

Rival: "It's true your dual core is more powerful than mine, but did you know that how Phenom II x2 550s are made?"

Girl: "They're quad cores processors who weren't stable so the extra cores were disabled... Oh my god, you can't mean..."

Rival: "Yes, my motherboard comes with the ability to unlock those addition cores! That gives my budget 550 the power of a triple core or even quad core Phenom II! Take this, my final benchmark!"

Mainguy: "It's no good, he has us beat!."

Girl: "it's still not over! We can still beat him with our GPU!"

Rival: "Hah, you stand no chance. I chose Nividia as the developer, my superiority is guaranteed."

Mainguy: "That is the talk of a man stuck in the past. ATI has made a comeback, it's video cards are not inferior any longer!"

Rival: "Take this, my 250 GTS! with 512 mb of VRAM and a memory clock 2300 MHz, it's my win!"

Girl: "Mainguy-kun..."

Rival: "What is with that look, where is the wail of sorrow and defeat?"

Mainguy: "Rival, you have made costly mistake!"

Rival: "Wah-"

Mainguy: "Although the 250 is a part of the new 200 line, it is in fact simply a rebranded 9800GTX+, old technology!"

Rival: "Maybe, but that i still-"

Mainguy: "Behold, my HD 4870!!!"

Rival: "Arrg, it's graphical processing power is tearing me apart. However, my 2300 MHz memory clock is still superior!"

Girl: "Hihi, you lose, Rival-san!"

Mainguy:" Haha, did you not hear? The 4870 doesn't use old GDDR3 ram, it uses GDDR5!!"

Rival:" No, you can't!"

Mainguy: "The technology takes our memory clock of 1000, and quadruples it to 4000 Mhz!! TAKE THIS, MY ULTIMATE BENCHMARK!!!!'

Rival: "Nooooooooo!"

Rival: Is there no way I can beat you?

Mainguy: Not unless you put your faith in your computer! It's the only way!

Rival: Mainguy... you have a lot of faith in your computer. You've assembled it with love and care.

Mainguy: Yes, and now it's going to defeat you! GEFORCE! FINAL RENDER!

Rival: Hahaha!

Mainguy: What's so funny?

Rival: I thought I'd borrow your Geforce's power! Thanks to this connection and cable, it belongs to me now! Now, GEFORCE! FINAL RENDER!

Mainguy: Impossible! ARRRGH!

Rival: I knew you couldn't defeat me. With all your speeches about love and friendship, I now know what truly matters - power!

Mainguy: No...

Rival: That's right! I'm going to install the forbidden Power Supply upgrade!

Mainguy: You don't know what you're doing!

Rival: Silence! I'm not taking any advice from a loser.

To Be Continued

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