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Imagine anime about overclocking.

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Rival: "You cannon defeat me, my AMD build is top of the line!"

Mainguy: "You must be blind, clock for clock, my e8400 defeats your Phenom II."

Rival: "You may think so, however behold the performance increase when I OVERCLOCK IT!"

Mainguy: "That can't be possible, he reached 3.6 GHz with stock cooling!!?"

Girl: "Mainguy-kun, he's too strong. We have to pull our trump card!"

Mainguy: "eh eh, you aren't the only one who can overclock. Behold, my e8400 went from 3 to 4.2 GHz!"

Rival: "Impossible, most of those processors can't come close to that, unless..."

Girl: "That's right, our e8400 came with E0 stepping, increasing it's overclocking potential further than normally possible!"

Rival:"Haha, hahahaha."

Mainguy: "What's wrong, have you finally admitted defeat?"

Rival: "It's true your dual core is more powerful than mine, but did you know that how Phenom II x2 550s are made?"

Girl: "They're quad cores processors who weren't stable so the extra cores were disabled... Oh my god, you can't mean..."

Rival: "Yes, my motherboard comes with the ability to unlock those addition cores! That gives my budget 550 the power of a triple core or even quad core Phenom II! Take this, my final benchmark!"

Mainguy: "It's no good, he has us beat!."

Girl: "it's still not over! We can still beat him with our GPU!"

Rival: "Hah, you stand no chance. I chose Nividia as the developer, my superiority is guaranteed."

Mainguy: "That is the talk of a man stuck in the past. ATI has made a comeback, it's video cards are not inferior any longer!"

Rival: "Take this, my 250 GTS! with 512 mb of VRAM and a memory clock 2300 MHz, it's my win!"

Girl: "Mainguy-kun..."

Rival: "What is with that look, where is the wail of sorrow and defeat?"

Mainguy: "Rival, you have made costly mistake!"

Rival: "Wah-"

Mainguy: "Although the 250 is a part of the new 200 line, it is in fact simply a rebranded 9800GTX+, old technology!"

Rival: "Maybe, but that i still-"

Mainguy: "Behold, my HD 4870!!!"

Rival: "Arrg, it's graphical processing power is tearing me apart. However, my 2300 MHz memory clock is still superior!"

Girl: "Hihi, you lose, Rival-san!"

Mainguy:" Haha, did you not hear? The 4870 doesn't use old GDDR3 ram, it uses GDDR5!!"

Rival:" No, you can't!"

Mainguy: "The technology takes our memory clock of 1000, and quadruples it to 4000 Mhz!! TAKE THIS, MY ULTIMATE BENCHMARK!!!!'

Rival: "Nooooooooo!"

Rival: Is there no way I can beat you?

Mainguy: Not unless you put your faith in your computer! It's the only way!

Rival: Mainguy... you have a lot of faith in your computer. You've assembled it with love and care.

Mainguy: Yes, and now it's going to defeat you! GEFORCE! FINAL RENDER!

Rival: Hahaha!

Mainguy: What's so funny?

Rival: I thought I'd borrow your Geforce's power! Thanks to this connection and cable, it belongs to me now! Now, GEFORCE! FINAL RENDER!

Mainguy: Impossible! ARRRGH!

Rival: I knew you couldn't defeat me. With all your speeches about love and friendship, I now know what truly matters - power!

Mainguy: No...

Rival: That's right! I'm going to install the forbidden Power Supply upgrade!

Mainguy: You don't know what you're doing!

Rival: Silence! I'm not taking any advice from a loser.

To Be Continued

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Realistically, they'd somehow fit half naked 12 year old girls into it somehow.

"Look at me, my 6.9GHz processor makes this high def child hentai play back so smoothly"
this should be in the bin........but anyways a nice attempt :p
I loled, though this should have been in the random disscusion maybe the anime thread.
The only place where this thread belongs is a retarded anime forum :p
I loled. No Loli girls?
IT would be nice with girls who get horny over pcs.
The only place where this thread belongs is a retarded anime forum :p
if this is what you need to do for fun, i would rather you be miserable.
But isn't that script reminds me of a Yu-Gi-Oh battle episode? :D

Anyways, anime about overclocking can be as much fun as an anime about DDR. :)
lolz, i think i made sumthin similar long ago :D

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I would watch it... if they add some "tan" version of respecting product... e.g. phenom-tan or 4850-tan....
you could get some unlockable phenom to be a magical loli girl type... with some ecchi stuff occur during overclocking and... uh i think i'll stop my delusion here :emb: :drool: :dead:
Moe anthropomorphism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
lolz, i think i made sumthin similar long ago :D

Damn i love the way you draw, good comic two :thumb:
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