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I'm really funny

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Today, I burned a CD for a friend with some programs on it, but there was still free space. So what do I do you may ask? Well I make a flash movie that shows crazy pictures I have and plays the J-Pop song "Candy Girl". But thats not all! I didn't just make the flash movie for no reason! After I made the flash movie I made a .exe out of it and had it autorun when the CD was put in! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAa!!!!!!! Man I'm Funny!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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poor guy. :D i hope he likes jpop. :D
Nope! Thats why it's funny! Candy Girl is one of those songs thats sounds so bad that it's good :eyespin: So I listen to it all day and night, or when it's one of my huge (4+ hours) MP3 playlists :eyespin:
Shiori, you're a Tokimeki Freak aren't you?

I notice you change the Nick name first... and then regularly change the avatar.

man... you should not get too addicted to something, or it might eat you back :D
what do you mean "eat you back"?!
OFF TOPIC: 404, stop screwin around with my hard disk! ehehe(j/k):D me zig..
you zig?! what you say?!
oh, i wuz referring to 404 Asz, sorry:heh:
> it might eat you back

That's an...interesting choice of words, considering Tokimeki. Buwahaha. :p
jus' takin a look on how my different avatars would look like. i got one for every season of the year. :D

i guess it's safe to say i've already been consumed by TM. :D

Shiori: mmm, tasty soul. yet another one added to my legions of fans. MWAHAHAHAHA! :D
That new avatar is better... when we got enough posts isn't the
allowed size of image bigger? (don't say read the rules)
Originally posted by Xenomorph
That new avatar is better... when we got enough posts isn't the
allowed size of image bigger? (don't say read the rules)
Nah... I think everyone has to live with 65x65 avatars... I'm not aware of any avatar-size upgrade at all.
Originally posted by Xeven
oh, i wuz referring to 404 Asz, sorry:heh:
I was just pointing out how you said zig, not sig. :eyespin: :eyespin: :eyespin: :eyespin: :eyespin: :eyespin:

oh wait, yes I can. :heh:

For great justice, learn to spell, Xeven. :p
any word from your friend yet, Asz? :)
No, I burned the CD Wenesday (the night I told everyone about it) and just gave it to him Thrusday (ending about 2 hours ago on my time) and I was on the internet all day Thursday (downloading stuff as always) so i'll see Today! (Friday, but in the morning ;) )
...that is, if he'll ever speak to you again. :D

...well of course he will! he needs your burner! :D
speaking of Love Hina, you might find this funny (as well as familiar :D).

This was taken during Anime Expo 2001 in Long Beach, CA
Heh heh... definitely familiar ;) My favorite scene in Episode 1 is when Keitaro gets a peek down Nageruwasa's skirt (or whatever her name is, still havin trouble with is :p) and she wacks him down the hall... classic!
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