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Originally posted by klaussner
I'm new here and I can't find the plugins I need to work Epsx.
Where can I download them?
This site is huge, I'm getting lost.

Could you give me links for those files?

* a psx bios scph1001. please
* PSEmu Pro GPU plugin (graphics)
* PSEmu Pro SPU plugin (sound) (optional)
* PSEmu Pro CD-Rom plugin (optional)

And how do you do to change your avatar to images?
I only get 10 characters of FF9.

I know I may sound blind or dumb, but I'm new, so please don't flame me to hell.
noone can give you the BIOS.
you hafta search for it. for the plugins, just download one of the big plugin packages that have all the plugins. if you cant find it on, try or

you get more avatar options once you get 15 posts.
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