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Hi, just today I found out about the PS2 emulator and wow :).

I've read through some threads already but it all seems different information than I can use(maybe because I'm using a newer version of PCSX2 then when the info was made?) or I don't see how I can use it because I'm a complete noob. I'm willing to learn about what I need to do but it's all too overwhelming for me and I get lost in all the info available.

So: what I did: Downloaded PCSX2 0.9.4
Configured the BIOS.
Got some random plugins that came in a pack.
Ran FFX on my PS2.
Saw it didn't run perfectly
came here and started searching
got lost

Well, it runs, that's the most important thing I guess. But the textures don't seem to completly load. In the opening sequence it seems like the chars are sitting on invisible floor, so I guess some textures aren't loading. Also, the FPS is very dynamic rather than being static.

I'm running it on a laptop with Intel Dual Core 2.1 Ghz.

Can someone just give me the basics of what I still need to do and what still needs to be downloaded for me to remove the problems?

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