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Im in need of help!

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Hi, im new :innocent: so please be good :D
I need some help, it seems like every RPG i have for playing with the ePSXe is bad or something.

- First: all prerendered movies from all the games have this decoding error, like when you see cable tv that it gets all scrambled with green squares, but here its only on the right side of the movies, and sometimes it gets so bad that it crashes the emu or the computer. That happens if i use the CD-ROM but not if i use the CD-WRITER (it plays them good).
-Second: in FF9 i get to the point where im going to the lifa tree (at the beginning of the fourth CD) and when i enter the red ball above the lifa tree it seems like theres a prerendered movie there, that it doesnt play it, except for the music that it sounds good. Thats the point were it stucks with that black screen and the music continuosly playing.
- Third: same thing happens with Chrono cross first CD, just after you change the name of your new party member Greco (the wrestling look alike guy thats a good samaritan), that ugly black screen with the music playing good.
-Fourth: same thing with Vagrant Story, a little after i kill the guy that asked me to stop his sufering (inside the wine cellar), same screen and sound.
I still have to check Breath of fire 4, Final Fantasy 6 and Tactics, and in a short future Xenogears, legend of mana, etc....

Thats a wrap for today :D , sorry about the looooong chatering, hope next time i come is for helping.
Please be light :eyemove: :smash:
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As for FF9... try this:

There still seems to be the issue of FF9 freezing on a few comps right when its about to play an mdec. namely, entering cleyra, before Kuja summons stuff in Alexandria and maybe one or two more. The problem is caused by savestates and there use when you reach that point. What you need to do is save at the closest moogle, then press Esc, goto the Epsxe menu Run then restart. then just let it load to the title screen and reload what you saved from the memcard. then play through where it would normally freeze and don't use savestates till after your through the part where it would freeze. hope this helps.
That's from another post on this board. You could also try making an ISO of the CD and running it from there.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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