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Illegal Operatons Everywhere!!!!!!!!!

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I recently installed a diffenernt video card in my system, I downloaded the newest drives, installed directx 8.1, and configured everything nicely. Games work amazing, ePSXe runs flawless and pc games like Black and White work spectacular too. Here where the problem begins....

After playing a game, (for example, I just finished playing a game of black and white) it goes back to the desktop and I deciede I'd like to play a game of Tekken 3, so I load up the emulator, it works. Then I decide to load up vgs to take a 2d screen shot. BLUE SCREEN :confused: I close the program after clickling on the illigal operation close button SEVERAL times. Now hardly anything works. I get illegal operations everywhere. The difficult part here, and why I'm asking you guys here is that I can't pinpoint what's causing the errors. Originally I thought it was UltraHLE and the wrapper I was using cause after running UltraHLE it would mess up directx. But now it's occuring after running other programs. I ran the directx diagnostic and it would load up before I get errors. It seems to be almost random when my computer starts to mess up. I know I haven't given you guys a lot to work with, but I haven't got a clue whats wrong. I've tried different drivers for the card, anything that popped into my head, but no luck. PLEASE HELP.
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looks like a directx problem to me.Try to reinstall directx.
thats what happens when u mess with the mafia... illegal ops everywere... :eek: okok veeery bad joke :eyes:

well, u can always format ur HD, thats what i do when things get REALLY ugly.
I think formatting of harddisk should be avoided as much as U can, it damages your HD and decreases its speed.

Well as far as your problem is concerned goto start>run and type dxdiag.exe. Run the exe file and goto display tab, there disable AGP Texture acceleration. Every thing will now work fine.

Originally posted by Ali
I think formatting of harddisk should be avoided as much as U can, it damages your HD and decreases its speed.
Where did you get hear that? If it was true, my harddrive would be dead..
I noticed it my self, I ruined 3 harddrives just because of this. about 3 formats a month...! you might be having a good HD, but the difference is just too low to be noticed but it does exist.

Originally posted by Ali
I noticed it my self, I ruined 3 harddrives just because of this. about 3 formats a month...! you might be having a good HD, but the difference is just too low to be noticed but it does exist.

That's very interesting.... I reformat quite often myself, and to this day (knock on wood) I have yet to encounter any problems.... my 'experiment' computer downstairs, man... I don't know how many times I reformatted THAT.... prolly has something to do with the hard drive brand as well... I've only had Quantum hard drives, and they've never given my any problems whatsoever, no matter how many times I reformat them.
I have so far used three brands Quantum, Seagate and Western Digital (My current one), and I am now convinced that nothing compares to the performance of WD, these are my comments so no offence. The Harddisks which were danaged were of Seagate, three of them, all got ruined.

With excessive format the surface of the harddisk starts to develop bad sectors, usually these cases are rare with Quantum but quite often in Seagate. When I bought by P-III last year it had a quantum HD, after 6 formats it's head slipped of the disk and the hd was damaged. On repair it was found that disk developed more then 100 bas sectors or so.

Then I was given a warranty replacement, it got ruined too.

Maybe its the brand, SEAGATE, which is trouble. I never faced any problems with Quantum and Western Digital.

Now a new brand is coming Maxter, it is actually a new name of Quantum.

I've formatted my various IBM deskstars plenty of times no probs so far and I'm sure Ive read on various sites there the fastest drives available,faster than WD's......
dunno m8, my 1GB 486 HD has 7 years and has been formated about 15 times... maybe its the brand:confused:
In my experience you either get a HD which will last for a long time or one that blows just after the waranty has expired:eyes:. eg my 210mb (yes I know I have more ram than that now ;) ) lasted forever until I had to change it (ran out of ide channels) but the 820mb blew after about 1 year.
You guys may not believe this but I have been running windows ME for almost an year now and no formatting needed until now (touch wood).
beta faints in disbelief

I lasted about 1 month before the ios got corrupt. Although that said I had a dual boot with 2K (me was to run the 2 games that I couldn't get to work ) so it wasn't that big a problem.
I haven't formatted mine for more than an year, too. I just don't have enough patience to reinstall everything.
Formatting a harddisk and then installing the whole windows over againn is a big headache..........!

Which is the fastest HD around now a days.!

well...... I got a generic HD that I formatted like 20 times...

let's see....

1 time for win98SE (installed the wrong way, time killer paid for that)

another for winME / linux mandrake 7.0 (no drivers so.....)

another for winME only (it got screwed with DX8)

another for win98SE again (a virus....)

another for winME again (got linux mandrake 8.0, so I had to try i)

another for linux mandrake 8.0 (no drivers again...*sigh*)

another to winME (currently in use)

and I'm planning to get back to lin8.0 now that I got like 80 drivers for my hardware...

am I taking a risk for doing that?

PS: this PC is like 1 year old...
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I had a big experience working on my University maintenance Lab, and i assure you Seagate HDs are terrible.
But just to add , logical formats that just relocate logical data for the filesystem cant damage the disk, what damages the disk are small dust particles or impacts from the read-heads and even strong magnectic interference . So dont shake or dive your comps in a strong magnectic field ok? :) .
Both are diminished by manufacturers with sealing and other methods.
Hey Ali Maxtors ATA100 Hds are pretty fast, go see some review on
Currently, i have an 80gig and 40gig Seagate Barracuda ATA IV which run really good, and i dont have any problems with them.. :p Generally, i never had any problems with any seagate/maxtor/fujitsu drives. I still have a seagate 1.7Gig HD that's is like 6 years old, and it still works without any bad sectors, i can't even remember how many times i've formatted it.. hehe..
O sorry Xeven if i offended.
But i admite the Barracuda Series is a diferent matter, more expensive=more quality.
I respect your opinion and wish you dont have any problem wih your HDs ever, .... but that i had bad times in Seagate´s hands i had :D ...
no man, i wasn't offended at all..
pretty much all of us have a run-in's with a screwed up hd's anyway.. :)
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